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From making coffee at Millie & Me to a home on the road with Mr. B ...

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Millie and Me

For over 6 years I was the ‘me’ in Millie & Me, Millie being our then teenage daughter, together with brother Harry, we all ran our tiny, pink, family run coffee shop in Beautiful Brixham. Our grand plan was to close in 2019, just as my husband (Mr. B) retired and then disappear into the sunset and wander Europe in a motorhome for a couple of years.

About four years ago however, I began experiencing widespread pain and odd sensory symptoms and eventually was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I would have battled on but later discovered I had early onset arthritis in my knees, hips and back which resulted last year in a full hip replacement. Now I’m a fighter but you have to pick your battles and running a business which involved being on my feet for eight hours a day was taking its toll. Hence I became a lady of leisure, sort of. We sold our beloved business, moved next door into Brixham’s iconic, Coffin House and began preparations for our new life, full time travelling in Europe and beyond!

Multi Tasking, one of my many talents ...

Brixham is a unique and wonderful place encompassing stunning natural beauty, a close knit and engaged community, fabulous shops, restaurants and independent businesses - I could keep on gushing, I just love it and Brixham will always be home, no matter how far or wide we travel.

Home will always be by the sea in Brixham My darling Daddy Cool, Louis lives in Brixham as does my BFF Carrie and many Wonderful friends and family so we’ll be returning regularly, sharing visits home between there and London where Harry and Millie have now settled. This is our time though. We are privileged to be in the position where we can just take off and travel together for as long as we like and that’s just what we intend to do!


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