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Friends, Family & Finally we’re off!

We had two more stops to make before returning to Brixham. First, we dropped in on one of my oldest friends Haley and her family. Haley was a bit put out at first when I suggested we would sleep in Ada on their driveway, she had imagined something much smaller like a VW but when we pulled up and have her a tour, her face was a picture!

There are some friends who you may not see for years but the moment you reunite, it’s like you’ve never been apart. That’s exactly what it’s like with Haley and Bruce. We had a wonderful two days, they even cooked us a vegan meal (well sort of but it’s the thought that counts) and Bruce very kindly opened lots of bottles of champagne!

Heading back to Buntingford where I was born

Old friends are the Best Friends!

Especially when they open bottles of Champagne!

Our final visit was to my brother and his family in Cheltenham. This wonderful, crazy, chaotic family is made up of John, my big brother, Beckie, his beautiful wife, Blue 13 and Coast 12 who both have autism and are gifted with incredible personalities which they communicate fabulously in their own unique ways. Harbour, 6 and Breeze, 10 who are each confident, outgoing and delightful children. I have to include Jeanette who is so much more than a respite worker, she is as much family as I am! I try to visit as much as possible as travelling is not so easy for them and I know that for us it will be challenging and less frequent in the coming years. So this brief visit was a bonus.

My Big Brother and his fabulous family

We met for Sunday Lunch at The Gloucester Old Spot which conveniently happens to be a Britstop. Afterwards we spent the afternoon at their house, playing Jenga with Breeze and Harbour, trying hard not to get in Blues way, as he was very busy making videos and mostly I was sitting with Coast giving him foot massages which he’s quite partial to. Before we left, we hatched a plan to join John, Becky and the family on holiday in France later in the year so I felt much happier as we drove away.

As we headed back to Devon, I think it’s fair to say we both had butterflies. Just a few days later we would be leaving Brixham for much longer, we would become proper travellers and be sleeping in a different town or village every night. We would be starting to live the dream we’ve held for so long!


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