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Hello Ada

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

After three years of planning; visiting numerous motorhome shows at The NEC, sitting in countless motorhome models of every lay out and configuration not to mention hundreds of hours scouring online sites and forums, the day finally arrived for us to pick up Ada!

Introducing Ada the Adria

Ada is an Adria Matrix Access 670 sc which had been souped up to include some essential extras including a solar panel, reversing cameras and gas barbecue point.

We had met Gaynor by chance at The NEC Motorhome Show in October and she had persuaded us to drive up to Derbyshire to her family dealership Geoff Cox Leisure and boy, are we glad we took her advice!

On arrival, our crash course in motorhoming delivered by Gavin at Geoff Cox was comprehensive but cut a little short as he wanted us to set off and pitch up at a local campsite by ourselves and the light was fading fast. As it began to get dark, we hurriedly drove off as motorhome novices, to find Broadholme Caravan Park.

Mr. B learns the ropes ...

And we’re off! Now where’s that campsite?

Now there was a blip, Mr. B and me have been embracing a plant based diet but in the rush we‘d had no time to pick up any food. Racing against time, in desperation we pulled into a garage with an attached Spar. Do you think they stocked anything remotely vegan? No of course not, I returned to the van clutching two bottles of beer, a tub of pringles (yes they’re vegan) and a bar of dark chocolate, announcing to a starving James that the meagre offering was all we had for dinner, he was not amused.

We arrived at the campsite in pitch black but James managed admirably to hook us up To the electricity and turn the gas on. We’d been worried about the temperature so far north but needn’t have, the Adria truma heating is ultra efficient and we were toasty in no time.

The customer service from Geoff Cox is exemplary and just as we were packing away, there was a knock on the door. Gavin had asked colleague Alistair to call in on his way home to check we had settled in with no problems. We promptly explained there was only one issue - which he immediately solved by dropping us into Belper so we could visit a local hostelry for dinner. We happened upon The Devonshire which turned out to have a spectacular vegan menu!

Celebratory G&T

As we settled down to sleep for the first night in Ada’s luxurious island bed, we could hear the pitter patter of yet more rain but we lay there grinning from ear to ear at each other!


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