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I ♥️ NYC

To people around the world, New York is synonymous with the World Trade Centre Twin Towers and that terrible September day when an unprecedented act of terror changed our world forever! We made our way to The 911 Memorial and museum contemplatively. It’s not something you look forward to rather a place you feel compelled to visit and pay your respects.

There are two giant pools of reflection which have the names of every victim engraved around the edge, they mark the footprint of the two towers and around them are planted 400 white swamp oak trees. There is a solitary pear tree at their centre which is known as The Survivor Tree. It was found, charred and burnt amongst the rubble, taken away and nurtured by the parks and recreation team and now thrives, blooming once again each Spring.

The museum leads you through that harrowing day, moment by moment, focussing, not only on the victims but on the rescue workers, emergency services and onlookers. The stories of heroism, acts of compassion and self sacrifice are awe inspiring.

and there is an underlying theme throughout that ‘Love is stronger than hate’.

Another thing on my holiday hotlist was visiting The Oyster Bar and Grill underneath Grand Central Station. Me and Mr. B adore oysters and this is a world famous place to eat them. We sat underneath the iconic vaulted brick ceiling and enjoyed a sumptuous fish feast washed down by a couple of bottles of white wine and I can tell you, those oysters did not disappoint!

By now, we were all feeling exhausted and i could barely walk. Thankfully the evenings entertainment was a Circle Line Boat Cruise around Manhattan and The Statue of Liberty. From the warmth of the cabin and with a beer in our hand, we gazed in awe at the glittering skyline, so familiar from TV and cinema screens. It was a fitting end to our mini vacation.

A long awaited trip that had exceeded all my expectations to a city which has well and truly captured my heart!


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