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Moving Into Ada

For over a year, we were working towards leaving for Europe on January 4th. Do things always work out the way you want? Hell no! I was referred to a specialist about my knees back in October and by New Year, still hadn’t received an appointment. The issue is, I’m likely to have to have xrays and an MRI so that will mean flying back to the UK several times in the coming months. Finally I got a date for the first consultation and it was January 14th so it seemed prudent to hang fire for a couple of weeks before leaving the country.

my poor knees!

We could have moved back in with Daddy Cool but we were so eager to move full time into Ada, we decided to take off for a week and explore The Peak District, somewhere we’d never visited.

Packing our life into a 7.5 metre motor home seemed a daunting prospect but there are so many storage lockers and practical design features in the Adria Matrix that we managed to stow everything we needed and even fitted suitcases full of summer clothes in the vast garage beside our newly purchased Cadec Barbecue.

We left Brixham on a chilly Sunday afternoon and whilst we knew we’d be briefly returning the following week, it still felt pretty momentous to finally be on our way, fully independent & self sufficient. Our life on the road had begun!

Life on the road has begun

Most people love going on holiday. There’s something about escaping everyday life, leaving where you live and any stress you have behind. It’s instantly calming and for the time you’re away, you live for each day, each moment. That’s what travel has always been for me, I’ve faced some tough challenges over the years with mental and physical health, James and my family have always been supportive but it has inevitably impacted on them too. I feel intuitively that this time James and I will have together will be healing and restorative. We still have certain responsibilities and will return over the next few years often to visit Harry, Millie, Charlie, Daddy Cool, friends and family but this is our time and we intend to make the most of every moment’

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