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The Devils Wail

Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Mr. B and me are fairly pragmatic. Living and travelling in a motorhome full time means leaving it in places while we go exploring, shopping or just for a coffee. We’ll carry our phones and passports on our person at all times but even though It may only be clothes and everyday items left unattended, we’d still be devastated if we were broken into or had Ada stolen.

With this in mind, we did extensive research on trackers and alarms. The name that came up again and again was Vanbitz and their Devils Wail alarm, thus we made our next stop Cornish Farm near Taunton where after a comfortable night on site we delivered Ada to Nick from Vanbitz

We already had a tracker onboard but Nick and his team hardwired the alarm in and fitted an engine immobiliser. Both can be set and monitored by a smart phone. We had a demonstration of the Devils Wail and I can confirm, it’s the loudest, most piercing alarm I’ve ever heard. Before we left, Nick gave us a thorough talk through of all the functions and tools, we were impressed, their reputation is well deserved and we drove away confident that whilst we’ll always be vulnerable in the van to a certain extent, we could do no more to protect Ada so now was the time to start enjoying her!

More to take in, good job I was taking notes!

We returned home to Daddy Cools apartment in Torbay and after packing up the van properly with everything needed to make it home, it was time to embark on our ten day ‘shake down’ trip around The West Country but more about that later ...


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